The Sixers Unite Podcast spawned from a spur of the moment idea on Reddit when Adam asked where were the podcasts representing the wide variety of supporters of the 76ers:

Hey guys, love this team, love this sub, love that now we have not only one but two Aussies (and a coach with strong ties to Aus) as a bonus.
My question is, where are the fan based 76ers podcasts?

I am a loyal listener to the Ricky, Sixers beat, The Stepover, Locked on 76ers and 76 the broadcast, but they are all done by beat writers or the team itself.

So a spur of the moment idea.

We need a fan based podcast for over the top reactions, uninformed opinions and unreliable predictions. These beat writers are just too informed and reasonable.

We have the United nations lineup, why don’t we have a United nations podcast with fans from different parts of the world?

A bunch of replies later from keen volunteers, and the Sixers Unite podcast was born with co-hosts Adam from Sydney, Australia and Ryne from the heart of Philly in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

We talk weekly on all things related to the Sixers both on and off the court and aim to bring your voice, the supporter, to the airways.

You can hear all our episodes on our episode archive page with were each new show recording Tuesdays.

Want to be on the show? Hit us up on Twitter and look out for episodes on Reddit.